Example Pricing : What do we charge?

Typically most household jobs will fit into 1 or 2 hr blocks, but we don't want you to pay for time that you don't need, therefore, we have a clear pricing structure that is fair and transparent.

Minimum charge: £25.00 per hour

If we don't stay the hour, we don't charge the hour.   Charged in blocks of 30 mins after the first hour.

Our customers can expect the best service.

We also offer day rates. If you have multiple jobs, why not hire us for the day and make the most of our service.

Our day rates start from £180.00 and include all prior agreed jobs.   It’s our aim to get all jobs done in one day, unless agreed otherwise. 

Please note all prices are excluding materials / parts. 
Any additional charges will always be discussed and confirmed with clients before work is carried out.


How can you pay?

At Assembly Ace we try to make it easy for our customers, therefore we can accept:

- Card Payments (our preferred method).   All our Ace's carry SumUp card readers that allow us to take payments from major credit & debit cards.

- Invoice / Bank Transfers.   Upon completion of the job we will be happy to send you a detailed invoice with our bank details to pay into.

- Cash.   As a matter of safety, we don't like any of our Ace's to carry cash whilst they're out and about, so we will only take cash for jobs with a maximum value of £30 or by prior agreement.

At Assembly Ace we want our customers to feel secure about the jobs they want completed and the money they pay for them to be done, therefore, we don't ask for any deposits or money upfront and only accept payment on successful completion of our jobs.

Making contactless payment with smart phone over payment terminal at shop