Join Assembly Ace in their quest to support Habitat for Humanity Great Britain.

    1. Who are Habitat for Humanity GB:

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain is a global charity dedicated to alleviating poverty and homelessness. They firmly believe that secure, decent housing is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, enabling families to attain strength, stability, and self-reliance. Their mission is to create a brighter future for communities worldwide.

    1. Why are Assembly Ace supporting Habitat For Humanity GB:

We are in the business of making improvements to people's homes and Habitat for Humanity gives those in need somewhere to call "home" to start with.   As a result the partnership matched and we started our support campaign.

Habitat for Humanity GB have a "Strategy to End Youth Homelessness" in the UK and Assembly Ace will do what we can to get behind the cause! 

    1. What is the Strategy to End Youth Homelessness:

Habitat for Humanity GB has become part of the movement advocating for a comprehensive strategy to eradicate youth homelessness, aiming to spotlight the issue and disseminate effective solutions for all young individuals grappling with homelessness. Last year, 129,000 under-25s sought assistance from their local councils due to homelessness, but the actual extent could be twice as large.

    1. How are Assembly Ace helping

We raise funds in a number of ways to help support Habitat for Humanity GB.   These include (but are not limited to):

- Give as you Live online purchase donations from our trade stores.

- Donations direct to the charity via their donation portal.

- Charitable events such as the 2024 London Nightrider 100km cycle ride.